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About the price of the product

All display prices of the site are displayed at tax -included prices.

About membership registration

About membership registration

Please enter the necessary information on the membership registration screen, check the contents on the confirmation screen, click "Register", and after the registration is completed, the registered contents will be sent to the registered e -mail address. Member registration is free and no enrollment fee or annual fee is required.

Change of registration information

If you want to change the customer's information of the address and phone number, please log in and add "edit/add the address" of "My Page".

If you forget your password

If you have forgotten your password when registering as a member, please click "Click here for forgotten passwords" from the login page.
Enter the registered email address and send it to send an email with the URL for changing the password.
Access the described URL and change your password.

Unlock member registration

If you want to cancel the member registration, "My Page"Click here to cancel the memberAfter filling out the withdrawal form, it will be canceled if you send it.
* If you are currently ordered, please receive the product before canceling.

Member program

The member ranks will fluctuate depending on the usage amount.
The point grant rate also increases, making it easier to accumulate points.
In addition, there are also information on irregular secret sales and free shipping.

Member rank

Annual purchase price (excluding tax) Less than 30,000 yen
Point grant rate 1%

Member rank

Annual purchase price (excluding tax) 30,000 yen or more
Point grant rate 5%
Other benefits Information on irregular secret sale

Member rank

Annual purchase price (excluding tax) 100,000 yen or more
Point grant rate 10%
Other benefits Information on irregular secret sale

Member rank

Annual purchase price (excluding tax) 250,000 yen or more
Point grant rate 15%
Other benefits Information on irregular secret sale
free shipping

Member rank

Annual purchase price (excluding tax) 500,000 yen or more
Point grant rate 20%
Other benefits Information on irregular secret sale
free shipping
  • The returned points can only be used for shopping on our EC site.
  • The rank is reflected by the cumulative amount per year until the previous month at the time of the month.
  • The expiration date of the points will disappear 12 months after the final purchase date.
  • At the time of new member registration and birthday month, we will present 500 points that can be used on the EC site.
  • After registering the membership on the previous site, the customers who have purchased will receive the points of the sub -price to the registered email address.
  • * Free shipping on gold and platinum is a one -time purchase price, ¥ 10,000 or more excluding tax. (Only in Japan)

About payment method

Credit card payment

Based on the membership agreement of your card, it will be withdrawn from your designated account.
The available credit cards are as follows.

Other pay

Amazon/Apple Pay/Pay Pal/SHOP Pay/LINE Pay/Merpay/Paidy/PayPay/Bank transfer

About product delivery

Delivery company

In principle, the products ordered by the customer will be shipped by Yamato Transport in Japan, and overseas by EMS.
Please note that we cannot select the delivery company by our customers.


The delivery fee is the same as the delivery profile.

Number of delivery days

After confirming the payment completion, we will ship within 5 to 14 business days.

* Please note that if your order is concentrated, or if you have an impact on the traffic period due to stock status or poor weather, you may have time to deliver.

* Depending on the area, it may not be possible to deliver as specified in the time zone.

* We do not ship on weekends and holidays, year -end and New Year holidays, and long vacations.

About cancellation / return / exchange


Cancellation for your convenience cannot be accepted.
If you have a bad product or send something different from your order, please contact us as soon as you arrive.
Returns and exchanges are limited to those that are initially defective in principle.
Please note that used products and products after processing by other companies are not eligible.
Please be sure to call or contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.
Please note that we cannot accept it after 8 days after the product arrives.
Regarding the shipping cost, we will bear the initial defective product and if it is not the ordered product.


In the case of a card payment, the payment will be canceled or the payment amount will be changed to the card company. The refund may be "refund of the month after the debit or the monthly refund" in the event of a withdrawal from a card company.

If you pay with Paidy or PayPay, we will contact Digika Co., Ltd., which operates KOMOJU, and refund the designated account. At that time, please let us know the following information. Account name (Kana) / Bank name / bank code / branch name / branch number / account type / account number * It will be transferred to the designated account under the name of "DEGICA Co., Ltd." Please check it.